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  • Do you accept unsolicited material?
    Kind of. We'd prefer a 3 line pitch before you whizz us your War and Peace. Drop us a line and say hello...
  • Can I send in my head shots and Spotlight link?
    Sure thing. And look out for casting calls on our site too. (Although it's worth saying we mainly use casting directors as we're a tiny team, we'll do our best to consider every Spotlight link sent to us).
  • Can I invite you to my show/screening?
    We'd actually love that.
  • What about cookies and GDPR?
    We apreciate that in these ever more digital times our lives, inboxes etc are being bomabrded, so we're not going to do that.... We don't use cookies - so nothing to accept there. And we don't keep any details on file. If you email us, it lands in an email inbox, we respond..that's it! We don't send spam, we won't send you newsletters or mailshots... You'll find our news on the site and in the press... That way you can stay in control of what you see from us.
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