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Hiraeth explores one woman's grief at the edge of the solar system. The story of Commander Amber Jones, and her mission to research newly discovered life on Europa. She’s courted controversy her entire career, not least because Commander Jones is the daughter of child killer Christa, the first woman to be hanged in Britain in 70-years. A leading astrobiologist, Amber will be the second British woman in space. 


Jumping between her childhood in 2035; 10-years after the NASA Clipper Probe set off to find life on Europa, 10-years after the birth of her sister Sienna, and 2049; the launch of her own mission. We follow Amber, as she heads out of the inner solar system with only an integrated AI system for support. Haunted by memories of a sister she adored, Amber leaves conscious that this is a one-way mission.

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